It’s 6:30 am. Time to get a few miles in before the sun really comes out. My preference is to always be outdoors on the track, instead of inside on the treadmill. There’s something about being outside with nature that helps me think with more clarity. Besides, I enjoy looking at and speaking to the bunny rabbits and the birds. Now the geese? Let’s not even go there! LOL


As I crossed the 1 mile marker, my question remained unanswered. When am I going to get this blog done? You see, my time has not been my own lately. I recently completed an intense 2-month class at Temple University and am now a certified Community Health Worker. (WooHoo!) AND, my comedy show fundraiser is quickly approaching. (Got your ticket? www.nspiredbynicolle.com) But when I settled on the topic, I knew I had to make the time.


Weeks ago, my attention was drawn to the words “limit” and “less.” Hmmm. If I simply “limit less,” I can be “limitless.” This morning, I heard the word “bound.” Ideas began to bounce around in my head and I was off and running (well, not quite – I’m a race walker). What keeps a person bound? And more importantly, why? I found the answer in the middle of the word. The reason why you are boUnd is because of “U” (YOU). The faster I walked, I clearly saw an illustration using the body.

Head – What thoughts leave your mind bound? Forget the “should-a, would-a, could-a” reason. The past is behind us and re-dos don’t happen in real life. Why do we spend so much time focusing on the past? Why do we allow people to take us back there? I refer to this as rear view mirror thinking. The rear view mirror is small for a reason – we’re not going that way. Focusing your time and attention here means missing the bigger picture that the front windshield provides.



Eyes – What is covering your eyes so that the vision that you have for yourself and/or your family is no longer in sight? When vision is blurry and blocked, or distorted and dim, moving forward can be extremely challenging. At times when the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be seen, it’s easy to simply settle and adopt an “it is what it is” mentality. Changing the lens through which you view life in order to bring the vision back into focus, will require patience and possibly assistance.



Mouth – What is gagging and preventing you from using your mouth? Perhaps you are now unable to speak up, speak out, or speak into the lives of others. Perhaps you have been silenced, suppressed, or censored. Perhaps you can no longer cry out for help. Contained within your voice is the power of life and death. Words can build up or tear down. You have the ability to nurture a dream or destroy it at the root level. Be mindful to not only speak the truth, but to speak your truth by being true to who you are.

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Hands – What has your hands bound so that you are unable to accomplish your life assignment? Whether it’s a rope, handcuffs, or maybe even a wedding band, restricted hands prevent you from reaching out to touch the people who need you most. No longer will they receive comfort as you embrace them or wipe away their tears. No longer will they be encouraged from your pat on the back or that high five to acknowledge a job well done.

Feet – What has your feet bound so that you are unable to walk in your destiny? You were created with purpose and on purpose to fulfill purpose. Chains, shackles, and ropes negatively impact your life journey. Don’t become the elephant tied to a stake by a rope. It has the strength to break loose, but remains stationary because of the mental rope conditioning that began at a young age. 

Are you bound in any or all of these areas? If so, you don’t have to remain bound. Acknowledge the fact that YOU possess the key to the handcuffs and shackles which have restricted the movement of your hands and feet; and that YOU have the strength to rip off the bandages which have silenced your voice, blinded your eyes and clouded your mind. The next step is to take action.


Ironically, another definition of bound is “to leap forward or upward, to spring, to jump.” The choices that you make, or fail to make, are directly connected to your destiny. Will you be bound, confined and limited, or will you move forward by leaps and bounds? Today is a great day to remove those internal and external factors that have kept you bound. Take the limits off and decree and declare that you are no longer being held hostage. Experience freedom one day, one step, and one decision at a time. Oh, and when you’re strong enough, go back and rescue someone else!


be NspireD!




C.H.A.S.E. Your Dreams

chase dreams

When it comes to the subject of dreams, we often hear “follow” your dreams. As a former teacher, I love words and know that their meanings are important. Therefore, the word “follow” doesn’t work for me. It sounds laid back and relaxed, as if it’s okay to take your time reaching those dreams. Don’t “follow” your dreams. Instead, “chase” them! This implies being active and not passive. It requires effort. We chase after what we want, right?

Do you have a dream? If so, are you currently chasing after it? If not, you need to get a dream asap. I encourage you to dream big, dream bold, and dream out loud. Take that dream and get ready to C.H.A.S.E. it.

C – Choose wisely

The choices that you make, or fail to make, directly impact your dreams. Choose wisely what you do with your time, where you go, as well as what you say and to whom. Don’t share your dream with everyone. Some may view it as a threat. Others may not believe in it, or they may not see it as valid or doable. Choose people you trust with your heart. Be careful not to allow people in your space who project negativity.

H – Have a plan

make it happen

“Dreaming after all is a form of planning.” (Gloria Steinam) If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. It’s essential to have a plan to reach your dream. Think of a ladder. At the very top, is the goal that you have set, the dream you want to accomplish. The rungs on the ladder are the objectives that will help you reach the goal. If your goal is to go to college, the steps to get there may include getting your high school diploma, applying to college and for financial aid, studying hard, and completing assignments.


A – Ambition & Alignment

Ambition is defined as the eager strong desire to achieve something. In other words, you have to want it. Sometimes the question is “How bad do you want it?” Bad enough to say “No” to something that’s not connected with your dream? Bad enough to say “No” and risk being talked about? This is where alignment comes into play. Your actions have to be intentional and in alignment with the goal you set to achieve your dream.

S – See it/Say it

dream clock

Having a vision is crucial because it changes your before and after picture. How do you see yourself? Can you visualize yourself walking across that stage to get your diploma? Do you see yourself greeting your first patient in the dental practice? Beyond seeing it, you need to say it. If you dream of being a doctor, use your voice now to put it in the atmosphere. Get used to hearing, “Dr. Suzy.” It’s also helpful to write it down and post it where you can see it as a daily reminder. If you say you can’t, then you won’t. If you say you can, then you will.


E – Embrace who YOU are

Notice the emphasis on the word YOU. It’s a waste of time trying to be someone else. That role is already taken. Why be a 2nd class someone else when you can be a 1st class you? Embrace your unique gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. Be careful not to get your placement (position) confused with your value (worth). Let me illustrate this using the math concept of place value. 3 looks small when compared to 7. However, a 3 in the thousands place has a greater value than a 7 in the ones place. Here’s another illustration. Look at your watch. When asked about its value, you don’t say wrist because that is where it’s placed. The value is about $50. Are you understanding the difference? Sometimes, people see your place (position) and assume they know your value (worth). YOU have to be clear about your value (worth).

As you chase those dreams, keep your momentum going. It’s hard to hit a moving target. Be mindful that your dream is under construction. And much like highway construction, you should expect detours, traffic jams, headaches, and inconveniences. This is an unavoidable part of this journey called life.

dream ink

Although you may be anxious to fulfill your dream, don’t skip steps. The lessons that you learn during the process are necessary. Besides, short cuts take too long and may even cut you short. Also, don’t settle for mediocrity. Wake up in the morning and realize that you don’t have what it takes to be average. You are stronger than the challenges before you of fulfilling your dream. Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go. They just determine where you start.

Chase your dreams and do something today that your future will thank you for tomorrow!


be NspireD!